132 West Main St, Williamston, NC 27892


Each town has quite a different personality. Each community is still very loyal to it’s roots and individuality. And although we’ve been accused of being in the “middle of nowhere”, we have a few interesting surprises:

For instance, who would’ve thought that you would find a small western theme park and top notch steak restaurant in Bear Grass, NC?

Someone from the Richmond, VA newspaper asked Mr. Ira Price if he knew anything about running a restaurant. His response was, “No, but I know how to cook a steak!” That he does. More details about Deadwood can be found in Bear Grass.

Calling all Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Equestrians!

One day, some politicians in Raleigh decided to bless Williamston with the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Ag Center. And bless us they did. People come from all over the country to compete. It is certainly a shining jewel in our area. More details about the Bob Martin Center can be found in Williamston.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

And what about the race track in Robersonville? It’s actually too good a secret, we need to let more people know about it. There’s nothing even remotely close to it for miles around. More details about East Carolina Motor Speedway can be found in Robersonville.

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